Fit Behavior

Zumba in Avon

Fit Behavior in Avon is now offering TWO Zumba classes a week!

Avon Zumba Flier

What is ZUMBA?

Zumba is like no other workout you will ever experience. Inspired by the traditional cumbia, salsa, samba, meringue, pulsating Latin rhythms and international dance steps, Zumba features easy to follow moves guaranteed to tone and sculpt the body. The sexy and explosive Latin rhythms create a party like atmosphere that deliver results, as well as a "feel happy" workout.

You DO NOT have to know how to dance to do Zumba!

  • Zumba is FUN... It's the type of exercise you'll want to do every day and feel good about doing it!
  • Zumba is EASY... You can start at any level and it's easier than any other program you've done before.
  • Zumba is DIFFERENT... You probably never thought you'd be exercising to this type of music and learning simple steps.
  • Zumba is EFFECTIVE... It's an aerobic workout, but it's more fun so you stick with the program and see the results!

For more information or to sign up for a class, please call (860)-674-9859.