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30FIT Programs

Looking for a time efficient and cost effective program to get results? Consider our 30FIT Group personal training program.

30FIT is an intense and effective 30 minute workout that includes both your cardiovascular and weight training components of fitness. The intensity levels are high to challenge you, yet can be modified by the personal trainer to accommodate your personal level of fitness and work around previous injuries.

30FIT includes unlimited workouts up to six days a week for the same price as a one hour personal training workout! There are only one to six people in a workout session.

Every day is a different workout so you will never get bored! Workouts consist of boot camp, functional training, plyo metrics, cardio kick, compound training a variety of workouts to inspire and keep you focused. Group training includes kettle bells, ropes, weights, steps, heavy balls, TRX, and all the latest and up to date equipment to get you fit!